Our Story

So every good business starts with solving a problem and my problem was the fact my horse of a lifetime had one very short tail.



I lost Sassy in 2016 and desperately wanted something of her to keep close to me. Everywhere I looked it seemed like I needed lots of length of tail hair to create beautiful bracelets. So I thought I would make something myself as didn't want to burden someone else with her very short locks... It started with a keyring, then a ring, then a stock pin and I am still able to create beautiful pieces from very little hair.
Being a passionate equestrian I have unfortunately lost may horses over the years due to age or injury. I compete in Dressage and have been fairly successful competing at National level and also coaching others to championship levels too. The love of horses never leaves you, I think it gets stronger as you get older. 
I am now loving my career as a jewellery maker, the skills of a goldsmith are always developing and you can never stop learning (just like riding and working with horses). Each day is a challenge and each day is different. Making horse hair jewellery also means that I get to hear about all your wonderful equines (and some other animals too) your adventures, successes and their wonderful natures. It is a truly fulfilling role here at Diva Tails. 
I have also started a sister brand for cremation ashes... Ashes by Victoria is a business just like Diva Tails Jewellery everything is handmade to order in clean and classic designs. 
So know you know who were are, why we are here, perhaps you want to start looking for your perfect piece of jewellery. Visit our Collections