Christmas is coming, here's the info you need

Christmas is coming, here's the info you need

I know its only September but we need to start talking about Christmas and Christmas presents. Every year I am pretty busy, mostly working until the very last minute to get horse hair jewellery orders ready for people to put under the tree. So do guarantee delivery for Christmas gifting you need to place you order by the 15th November 2023

Rings and bangles need the longest time to make. If you are ordering these then you definitely need to meet this deadline. Necklaces, charms and braided bracelets can be turned around quicker but again with the heavy work load at this time of year please order sooner rather than later. 

I am also working on a new idea that will be launched this month and I will also add some non horse hair jewellery items to the website that have been very popular in the past and make excellent gifts. 

Last posting date for deliveries of jewellery is the 21st December. Please make sure you make us aware of any travel plans or changes that will effect the delivery. 

So keep an eye on new products and the news here and get ready to gift the best gifts for your horse loving friend or family member.

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